Live FAST and DYE Your Hair!

‘Tish & Snooky’ our 2 favourite punk rock sisters from NYC who were the original Blondie lineup, added some extra ambition to their rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle and ignited in the late 70’s PUNK scene with their fabulous shop Manic Panic. 

It has evolved into the internationally renowned hair colour and cosmetics company it is today - and together they are making the world a more colourful place.

Live FAST and DYE Your Hair!

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Sibling Fashion Show The Fan Club S/S 2015

To quote Amanda Lepore ”I dont know much about clothes but my hair looks fierce!”

The collections are getting better and better BRAVO TEAM SIBLING 
have you noticed my photographic skills are getting better also ?

In siblings S/S 15 the fan collection the HAIR IS FIERCE and the clothes are BEYOND ATTITUDE. Two of siblings motifs are hair and spots, the two biggest preoccupations of your average self obsessed youth.

I might have to do a Karl Largerfield to squeeze into the denim mind you. 

The collection screams look at me and don't your dare make any comments!  These  Sibling  wearing  warriors are all about BIG attitude - Bigger than their hair!

We give it a 10 squawks out of 10

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What Would Julia Do?

Well it seems London is all about what Princess Julia this week.

From downing cocktails, DJing, dancing and debauchery at the cock n bull to a lovely reading from her glorious new book (by Paul Flynn) - finished off with the signing of the book - it is all in full sail !!!!

This book is going to be like bed bugs, it’s going to be everywhere. Have you got a copy yet? If not - why not?

The crow gives her 4 squawks out of 5  (for having the balls to have another launch with in days of the 1st one)

Eric Rose A.K.A “Word On The Street” 

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Courtney Love Live In London

I was excited to see the Queen of Grunge performing live in London and of course was expecting the unexpected. I had images of her pissed out of her mind slagging off Madonna crossed with her new head that has been stuck on (loads of new surgery) and the gossip of her daughter divorcing her - not to mention how she killed her husband (okay i made that bit up).

But she totally surprised me and ripped her way through her old Hole classics, added in a few new songs and played a brilliant set.  

As it turns out the legendary queen of hot messes can do her day job very well!

The crow gives her 5 squawks out of 5!

Eric Rose A.K.A “Word On The Street”