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Dark Beauty Magazine team up with LDV Records for this free download of 'Strange'

Watch the music video from Leigh de Vries - “Strange” (Jagz Kooner Remix) and Download the remix FREE exclusively at Dark Beauty Magazine website -

Crow Animation / Video by Once Oakley

Strange Things Are Happening… click here to find out more

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We had the pleasure of hanging out with gorgeous Leigh De Vries over the week-end while she was being shot by the extremely talented Gozra Lozano.Check out her video ‘Strange’ directed by BAFTA award winning director Tal Rosner along with Lance Roehrig and choreographed by uber hot Cameron McMillan.

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The formidable Ms. de Vries is quite the musical terrorist. Operating in exile from the London music scene, this Bruce Wayne type figure works the screens as a top computer programmer by day, but after hours she is at the height of her powers as a noir-ish industrial shock rocker. Memorably described as a cross between Fever Ray and Gary Numan, Leigh is carving out her own autonomous individual path quite unencumbered by trifles such as market forces, record company focus groups, impact dates and othersuch music biz nonsense!

“I like to create universes and see how many artists, fashion designers etc. I can involve in each universe. Almost like a music terrorist! Come in and blow it all up,” she added.

Well, I’ve done just that! LdeV’s latest opus ‘Strange’ has gotten the remix treatment, and I have vandalized the original, exquisite promo for the Larry Tee remix!

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The Glitoris is a Semen Cartel, designed to share music. DJ Glitoris throws parties that make ya ass clap features 'Strange'

Brand New Video from Leigh de Vries, UK industrial shock rocker, Leigh de Vries pronounced / Lee / de / Frees / just released her video for the track “Strange”. ‘Strange’ is set for release date in December with remixes planned by Jagz Kooner and Larry Tee.

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Know very lil about industrial shock-rocker the LEIGH DE VRIES, but I do know you gotta check out her JAPANish inspired new single, STRANGE, thnx.

If only a pop club existed in London that would play this toon, back to back to mp3s off the RIHANNA’s RATED R followed by some of the SNEAKER PIMPS’ second LP.

"Wikileaks of pop" - THE GUARDIAN

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Strange’ is the compelling new tune from industrial shock rocker, Leigh de Vries. With an image that has Alison Goldfrapp looking as dowdy as Peggy Mount at a jumble sale and a strangely hypnotic monotone vocal that contrives to make Zola Jesus sound as upbeat as a young Britney Spears there’s certainly something of the zombie apocalypse about Ms De Vries.

With so many pop stars, looking as if they’ve just stepped from the pages of the latest Next catalogue, rocking cuddly knitwear and misguided trousers it’s nice to see somebody really making every effort to impress, image wise. We suspect Ms de Vries may be a little bit bonkers, we do hope so because safe and unchallenging has led to the rise of the “normals” and has begat the sort of insipid artistically unquestioning mindset that allows Take That not just to top the charts, which is bad enough, but to reform years later and fucking do it all over again again! Edgy and slightly demented wins the day, every time!

‘Strange’ is set for release date in December with remixes planned by Jagz Kooner and Larry Tee.

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Upcoming alternative London artist Leigh de Vries chatted to Skrufff this week about the inspiration for her new video Strange and and revealed she takes a decidedly fatalistic approach to making music and her life in general.

“I actually practise non-achievement – everything I do is for my own self enjoyment, the process,” the flamboyant industrial shock rocker explained.
“This is my art – to make music, to create videos and have fun.”

The video for Strange included contributions from BAFTA award winning artist and film maker Tal Rosner and director Lance Roehrig.

“I like to create universes and see how many artists, fashion designers etc. I can involve in each universe. Almost like a music terrorist! Come in and blow it all up,” she added.

Skrufff (Jonty Skrufff): What’s your take on London alternative/ club culture right now; how fertile and vibrant is the city (or not)?

Leigh de Vries: “I like to compare cities to woman and for me London is an old bitch, she has seen it all and done it all and she has nothing to prove. She is doing what she does best which is provide us all with a space to express ourselves without the need to prove ourselves. She will never be stale.”

Skrufff: What impact is the financial crisis having on London’s vibe you? How much are you fearful about the future?

Leigh de Vries: “I don’t watch TV, I don’t read newspapers, I don’t buy into this mass hysteria – its all just bullshit anyway. If anything I think London is more vibrant and more happening than ever. People turn to the escape of going out when times are tough – dress up, loose yourself in the neon lights.

We create our own realities through our thinking. I like to bust limitations – so right now I am on fire – you see the only person standing in your way is you – and the minute you get out of your own way amazing things start to happen.”

Skrufff: Anything else to add?

Leigh de Vries: “Yeah, if I could add anything I would say realise this – every single one of you is magnificent – the time has come to stop self doubting, stop self sabotaging and start expressing yourself – there is only one of you – embrace your uniqueness, find out what your true will is and live it. Because it is BEAUTIFUL!”

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“In the name of love, live before you’ve died”

British musician and artist Leigh De Vries has just launched her new single’s video “Strange”. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend the London launch party but, now that the video is out, I can finally share it with you guys. She’s gorgeous as always and once again I am loving the masks and headpiece, designed by AlienFox Designs - See other creations from AlienFox for Leigh De Vries here.

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Digital Artist Tal Rosner Creates A Mysterious Universe For Leigh de Vries

Having created a site-specific digital mural for the new Frank Gehry-designed New World Center in Miami and massive digital visuals for a ballet at Sadlers Wells with music by the Pet Shop Boys earlier this year, video artist Tal Rosner (pictured above on location) has now co-directed his first music video with Lance Roehrig. 1.4 catches up with Tal in London to talk about the promo, STRANGE, for musician Leigh de Vries.

See more installation work and videos by Tal Rosner.

Have you previously collaborated with Leigh de Vries?

STRANGE is the first track to be released from the new album by of industrial rock artist Leigh de Vries. I met Leigh back in 2005 on the London clubbing scene and over the years we became close friends and collaborators. In addition for being my muse for Family Tree, a seven-channel video installation (Tendepixel Gallery, 2009) and a great partner in crime for brainstorming work and life in general, she has impressed me with her strikingly unique and independent vision, as well as her insatiable hunger for the new.

How did you evolve the narrative for the video?

Like Leigh herself, STRANGE is fierce, original and extremely inventive. When approaching the video we knew we wanted to reflect the song’s futuristic/noir and trance-like tribal qualities, but at the same time keep the viewer engaged with its lyrics and the story-line. It had to make a distinctive fashion statement and it had to stand out. Along with the striking visual statement, it was highly important for me to add a level of meta-narrative, which manifested in a tailor-made grammatical language within the editing and the After Effect work. In this way, I aimed to create a ‘state of mind’, not in only ‘what’ you see but also in ‘how’ you see it (transitions between camera angles, and so on).

Making a music video is a new genre for you isn’t it?

For me, co-directing and editing a music promo was a challenging task, as the bigger part of my artistic practice to date has been in either creating title sequences for TV or in illustrating chamber or orchestral music for stage. Both genres do not tend to feature a singer or lyrics and are very different in length (either 30 seconds for a title sequences or 20-30 mins for a stage piece). Nevertheless, I knew that STRANGE could be a great opportunity for me: firstly, it was an excuse to work with Leigh again, and secondly, it gave me the artistic freedom to demonstrate my skills in the world of music promos – a genre that has always inspired me.

Tell us about the process of making it.

The making of STRANGE started a year and a half ago, when Leigh assembled an exciting cohort of (mostly) London-based designers to create the various ‘worlds’ for her video. From the pre-production stage it was clear how much thought had gone into all of the elements. There was a rich mix of locations (indoors and outdoors), costumes and make up, and a fantastic narrative in which Leigh plays multiple characters in a tale of love, death and resurrection.

The shoot was co-directed by Lance Roehrig, who came along with great expertise and experience in film language. Producer Alexander Hold, DoP Arron Reid (who shot on RED) and stylist Victor Velvet also added to a hard-edged creative team who worked in close collaboration over the three days of filming in both north and south London. In addition, choreographer Cameron McMillan (who I had worked with before) came in to develop a dynamic physical language and pace with Leigh and the two gorgeous minions, Foxy and Matthew.

For me, in a way, the long journey of STRANGE began only when the filming ended and I was left with a significant amount of footage to create the video. I wanted it to use the existing rules of music promo dialect, and at the same time offer a fresh twist on traditional editing grammar. The idea to introduce a kind of architectural disturbance to the frames in the edit came from my other strands of work, which are usually more abstract and often use elements from buildings that are then multiplied and transformed to create new patterns and textures on-screen.

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